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YES !!! We've finally done it, after 11 years of trusty service our old dated website has been superceeded by this brand new custom designed website.

You know how it is, we've been so busy running around looking after everybody else that our own website, which was new and cutting edge in its day, slowly became obsolete. We have been apologising for the website everytime we handed out buisness cards, " ... our website is under redevelopment .." was the common excuse.

Not any more !! We are justifiably proud of our new site, being of a scalable responsive design, it will work on the smallest of phones to the largest of connected TV's, added to that we've launched of our new Siteweb65 logo and colour scheme. We've also added all the extra services that Siteweb65 now offers our clients, many of which were not available back when the original site was launched in 2004.

Have you spotted an error ? Does the site not display correctly on one of your devices ? As with all our designs we have tested on multiple operating systems, browsers and devices, but it's impossible to try every combination, so if something doesnt look right to you please let us know using our contact page.

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